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1704 Eastland Dr. Bloomington, Illinois
Tuesday-Friday 7am-6pm    Saturday 7am-5pm   (309) 662-8500

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We have whipped up the first batch of fresh lemon frosting for Hot Cross Buns! 
Available daily in Honey Whole Wheat, Harvest White, and the fruit bread of the day. 
Call ahead and we will hold them for you. 

Easter Out of the Oven Times
Friday 4/18:  Blueberry Pound Cake 9:30, Cinnamon Chip and Cinnamon Bunnies 10:15 & 2:15, Apple Pie Bread 11:15, Apple Pie Hot Cross Buns 11:45, Butter Rolls 11:45, Honey Whole Wheat & Bunnies 1:00 & 2:30, Honey Whole Wheat Hot Cross Buns 1:30, Harvest White 1:30 & 3:00, Harvest White Hot Cross Buns 2:00, Oregon Herb 1:45, Dakota 2:00

Saturday 4/19:  That Chocolate Bread 8:30, Cinnamon Crunch & Cinnamon Bunnies 9:45 & 12:30, Butter Rolls 10:00, Honey Whole Wheat and Bunnies 11:00 & 1:00, Honey Whole Wheat Hot Cross Buns 11:30, Cranberry Almond 11:45, Cranberry Almond Hot Cross Buns 12:15, Harvest White 12:00, Harvest White Hot Cross Buns 12:30, Potato Chive

We are very sorry but we can only hold Bunnies and Hot Cross Buns on Friday 4/18 and Saturday 4/19. 
This little bread store just isn't big enough.

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